Corporate Carve-Outs

A corporate carve-out, which is essentially the sale of a subsidiary or division of a large company, is rarely simple. At Grace Matthews, we understand that complexities surrounding cost allocation, transition services agreements, personnel, and often even corporate politics can make issues like structure, valuation, and negotiations more problematic when conducting a corporate carve-out transaction in the chemical industry.

Our M&A professionals at Grace Matthews know that corporate carve-outs are very rarely stereotypical “matchmaking” deals for our clients – attention to detail from the beginning through closing can make or break a carve-out agreement. When we work to engineer one of these types of deals, certainty of close and value preservation are our key areas of focus.

Featured Transactions

We have completed transactions with private, public, and large multinational corporations across the chemical value chain, throughout the U.S. and the world. 

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