Silbond Corporation

Silbond Corporation, or Silbond, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS), a specialty silicate material. With a history of growth, high margins, and strong cash flow complemented by a unique, low-cost, highly efficient manufacturing process, Silbond has established itself as a leader in TEOS-related products for the consumer electronics and semiconductors, investment casting, protective paints and coatings, and chemical processing and catalyst industries. Silbond produces TEOS in a unique and inherently clean direct reaction process that allows the company to consistently meet the highest requirements for purity.

Having invested significantly in production capabilities and product development over the past five years, Silbond possessed a number of tangible, material growth opportunities that positioned the company well for continued success. O2 Investment Partners, supported by Centerfield Capital Partners, acquired the Company along with Silbond’s management team in 2010.

After initial meetings in 2012, Silbond Holdings engaged Grace Matthews in a long-term advisory role to help prepare the company for an eventual sale. A number of interested acquirers approached Silbond prior to ownership’s decision to formally declare the company for sale. As one party emerged as a serious potential buyer, the shareholders made the decision to ask Grace Matthews to market the company to a limited group of other strategic and high-potential private equity acquirers.

Over the course of its long-term engagement with O2 Investment Partners, Grace Matthews worked to navigate ownership through a series of challenging discussions with multiple interested parties. With significant expected synergies and complementary geographic locations and product lines, Evonik Industries successfully acquired Silbond Corporation in February 2014.

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Grace Matthews advised Silbond Holdings

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