MILWAUKEE (August 7, 2018) – Grace Matthews, Inc. and QualiChem, Inc. (“QualiChem”) are pleased to announce that QualiChem has entered into a global strategic partnership with Yushiro Manufacturing America, Inc., a subsidiary of Yushiro Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (collectively “Yushiro”).

The announcement brings together two of the premier metalworking fluids manufacturers in the industry. Yushiro is the largest supplier of metalworking fluids in the Asia Pacific region, and QualiChem is one of the fastest growing metalworking fluids businesses in North America. This partnership will allow Yushiro and QualiChem to leverage their respective product lines, R&D, supply chain and manufacturing capabilities to expand each company’s world class technology, products, and services to the global metalworking and water treatment markets.

“We have known and admired QualiChem for a long time. We respect QualiChem’s technology, products, and salesforce. QualiChem is a leading supplier, not only in the aerospace industry, but to the entire metalworking and water treatment marketplace. Sales growth is expected by the synergies brought together through Yushiro product sales utilizing QualiChem’s sales network in the U.S. Also, I believe QualiChem’s products will be highly valued throughout the world by the global companies in the Yushiro group.” said Mr. Eiichi Ogo, President and CEO of Yushiro Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. “We are excited to partner with the QualiChem team and are committed to achieving substantial growth around the world.”

Mr. Glenn Frank, President of QualiChem, Inc., commented, “This is an excellent opportunity for our distributors, customers and employees. Yushiro’s extensive R&D capabilities and complementary sales channels will help us to better serve our existing customer base. Additionally, Yushiro’s twelve manufacturing plants throughout Asia, North America and South America will provide immediate entry into new markets for our metalworking fluids and water treatment products.”

In the water treatment market, Yushiro will continue to build on QualiChem’s highly successful private label business model. “This water treatment market in the U.S. and globally is projected to grow significantly and we look forward to working with QualiChem’s Water Treatment team to expand its manufacturing base globally through Yushiro’s existing network.” said Mr. Takuya Ishikawa, President and CEO of Yushiro Manufacturing America, Inc.

Yushiro and QualiChem take great pride in recruiting and retaining the most talented employees in the industry. QualiChem will continue to be led by its current leadership team of Mr. Glenn Frank as President and Mr. Dennis Butts as Executive Vice President.

Grace Matthews, a Milwaukee-based investment bank, advised QualiChem. Takenaka Partners, a Los Angeles-based investment bank, advised Yushiro.

Established in 1989 with headquarters in Salem, Virginia, QualiChem, Inc. develops and manufactures metalworking fluids and water treatment chemicals. The Metalworking Fluids Division produces next-generation cutting and grinding fluids, straight oils, rust preventives and metal cleaners. The Water Treatment Division formulates, blends and private labels chemicals used for the control of scale, corrosion and fouling in cooling towers, boilers and other industrial systems. QualiChem is a quality-focused ISO 9001:2015-certified company. For additional information, please visit www.qualichem.com.

Yushiro Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., established in 1944 is a global leader in metalworking fluid development and technical expertise providing world class metalworking fluids, lubricants, and services for the automotive, aerospace, metals, mining, machinery, die cast, solar, electronics, and glass industries. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Yushiro supports research, manufacturing and office locations around the world delivering solutions that increase productivity, reduce operating costs and improve product quality for our customers. For additional information, please visit www.yushiro.co.jp/english.

Established in Shelbyville, Indiana in 1986, Yushiro Manufacturing America, Inc. is a member of the Yushiro Group. With three manufacturing facilities servicing the Americas, Yushiro Manufacturing America, Inc. provides high-quality, value-added products and services to metal processing facilities specializing in the automotive industry. Yushiro Manufacturing America, Inc. will continue their commitment to improving customer performance and stewardship by providing the highest level of technology and resource solutions. For additional information, please visit www.yushirousa.com.

has entered into a strategic partnership with

Grace Matthews advised QualiChem

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