Ranbar Electrical Materials

Headquartered in Harrison City, Pennsylvania, Ranbar is a custom developer and manufacturer of specialty resins, varnishes, and coatings materials used in the industrial coatings, steel, electrical, and motor industries. The Company has a strong reputation as a high-touch, high-service supplier of specialty resins for global coatings formulators, mid-sized specialty coatings companies, OEMs across multiple end markets, and motor repair shops.

Ranbar was founded in 1984 as a privately-held, family-owned and operated company. Grace Matthews conducted a sale process for the Company that included a variety of potential strategic and private equity buyers. A key consideration for buyers was the ability to facilitate an eventual transition of the Company’s primary shareholder and CEO from day-to-day management. The process generated a significant amount of interest, and multiple groups were invited to participate in management meetings, facility visits, and other due diligence.

Supported by a tightly-managed process timeline, Ranbar received multiple final offers and was well-positioned to choose from several high-quality potential partners. The shareholders elected to enter into a transaction with Gabriel, a leading provider of epoxy and phenoxy additives, polyamide curing agents, and other specialty chemical products.

In Ranbar, Gabriel recognized an opportunity to broaden its offering of proprietary performance chemicals and increase its presence in the coatings market. Ranbar’s Harrison City facility also expanded Gabriel’s manufacturing footprint to a third site.

The transaction provided shareholder liquidity while positioning Ranbar for accelerated growth through the companies combined operational expertise, technical innovation, and commercial presence.

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