Marianna Industries

Founded in 1968 and located in Omaha, Nebraska, Marianna Industries is a manufacturer, importer/exporter, and distributor of high-quality personal care products and beauty supplies. Marianna is the largest independent company in North America dedicated exclusively to beauty care products and is the only supplier that offers a full range of beauty products, including both consumable products like shampoo and hair coloring; and dry, durable goods such as shears, combs, and clippers. Customers include leading salon groups, professional beauty supply dealers and distributors, cosmetology schools and blue-chip consumer product companies.

Marianna was owned and managed by two brothers and related family members who wanted liquidity for the family, but who also sought continuity for the business in the form of a financial partner that would assist with the Company’s next level of growth. Grace Matthews worked extensively with the family to develop this strategy.

First, Grace Matthews professionals worked with family members to understand their financial goals and whether a potential transaction would meet their objectives. Once it was determined to proceed with a sale, Grace Matthews took Marianna to market to seek a partner that would respect the Company’s long history of accomplishments and yet have a fresh vision of where to take the Company in the future.

Grace Matthews’ process resulted in the selection of Harren Equity Partners to acquire Marianna. Harren, based in Charlottesville, Virginia, had a history of successfully working through management transition issues with their portfolio companies and seemed to be the perfect fit culturally. The transaction was structured to accommodate the needs of the business and its employees, as well as to provide the family members with the liquidity they sought and the satisfaction of knowing that the Company was in the right hands.

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