Privately Held Businesses

Entrepreneurs and family management generally know their business inside and out – they are good stewards of their investment.  But selling your own company has been compared to do-it-yourself cataract surgery…

Ok, DIY eye surgery is clearly an exaggeration, but anecdotally the value added by a skilled M&A advisor to a privately held company is immeasurable.

Frequent concerns of our entrepreneurial clients include:

  • Confidentiality
  • Terms & structure
  • Post deal liabilities (the ability to “sleep at night”)
  • Business continuity vs consolidation
  • Employee retention
  • Management team compensation
  • Tax considerations
  • Sale process – what is really involved?
  • Buyer identification
  • Information disclosure (what, when, how?)
  • Strategic buyer? Private equity? Sale to management?

Grace Matthews remains an entrepreneurial investment bank – our founders are still active deal makers.  We understand a private business owner’s concerns, and tailor our advice to the circumstances.  You only sell your chemical business once, and want to avoid the big mistake.  We work hard to eliminate pitfalls and diminish the chances of mistakes.

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