Tushaus Computer Services is a leading regional provider of computer systems and IT services based in Milwaukee, WI.  Gregg Tushaus founded the company in the late 1980s, and successfully built it into a major presence in the greater Milwaukee market based on offering business customers a full line of IT products and services. 

Though very successful in Milwaukee, the company had difficulty expanding its geographic base.  Tushaus realized that acquisitions would be key to its growth and engaged Grace Matthews to assist the company in identifying and negotiating with potential acquisition candidates outside of Milwaukee.

While several potential acquisitions were considered, Valley Business Equipment (“VBE”), located in Appleton, WI, appeared to be a perfect fit.  VBE was a 40-year old company with a strong brand and loyal customer base in the Fox Valley region of Wisconsin. Tushaus had opened a sales office in the Fox Valley two years prior, and with the acquisition of VBE, Tushaus gained access to VBE’s large customer base and was able to integrate its Fox Valley operations into the acquired company.  Integration of the two companies proceeded smoothly as customers were won over by Tushaus’ award-winning customer service capabilities and service offerings.