Oilfield & Water Treatment Chemicals

Oil & Gas (“oilfield”) and water process chemicals are specialty chemicals in the truest sense:  no two applications are exactly alike, and formulations are often modified to fit a customer’s unique situation.  The amount of contaminants and water content in oil & gas formations can vary considerably by location, and even from well to well within the same formation.  The same is true of process water used in manufacturing:  pH levels and mineral content can vary by geography and can interfere with the manufacturing process if not properly treated with the right product.  For these reasons, chemical manufacturers working in these markets emphasize customer service, modifying their product offerings to meet a customer’s exact specifications.  Sometimes a standard formula can be tweaked, but unique custom blends are also common.  This situation is ideal for niche players, with both small manufacturers and even some distributors offering custom blends.

Even with the decline in oil prices over the past few years, these are attractive markets for chemical manufacturers, and both strategic buyers and private equity groups have been actively consolidating these markets.  From a number of past projects and the high level of M&A activity in these markets, Grace Matthews has developed has special expertise in oilfield and water process chemicals.  We have worked with large strategics on the buy-side projects, and represented sellers seeking to capitalize on the high values that can be achieved in these markets.

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